Pagalbinis apvaisinimas kiaušialąsčių/spermos donoro pagalba

  1. 2018.09.28 13:26 (prieš 8 mėn.)

    Kviečiu visas dalintis informacija,klinikomis,kainomis, gydytojais,pasiūlymais donoro pagalba pasiekiant savo tikslo, žinoma ir sėkmingomis istorijomis.

  2. 2018.09.28 13:30 (prieš 8 mėn.)

    Visa info apie donorines kiausialastes Ukrainos klinikoje ( kas nesupranta issiverskite per google verteja)
    Klinika verta demesio...
    Ukraine in general and BioTexCom Clinic in particular is one of top destinations for egg
    donation programs. As we offer high quality services, comprehensive programs and guaranteed
    result. Your personal counselor will guide you through the whole program step by step,
    efficiently addressing your needs and assisting in communication with our fertility specialists.
    Some general information about us:
     we have been working in this area for about 10 years
     we carry out about 900 -1000 egg donation cycles per year
     our success rate is about 75%
     we are ISO certified
     we have no age limit, only the health limit
     we carefully screen all of our donors according to the highest European standards
     70 % of our donors hold college degree
    BioTexCom Clinic offers 3 programs for egg donation:
     1 attempt - ECONOMY - 4900 euro in 1 installment after you sign the contract. In case
    selective reduction is needed you will be charged 1000 euro additionally
     2 attempts - DOUBLE - 6900 euro in 2 equal installments. The first installment is made
    after signing a contract (3450 euros) and second installment is made at the the day of
    egg retrieval (3450 eruos). Selective reduction is covered by the package price

    5 attempts – GUARANTEED SUCCESS - 9900 euro in 2 equal installments. The first
    installment is made after signing a contract (4950 euros) and second installment is made
    at the the day of egg retrieval (4950 eruos).In case of 5 negatives we refund the money
    paid. Selective reduction is covered by the package price.
    In case TESA, TESE is needed you will be charged 1000 euro additionally
    Every package covers:
     medical treatment (we're working according to the leading treatment plans, proved
    being efficient, and that allows us not to have age limit for egg donation programs)
     egg donor fee (our donor base contains more than 300 young (not older than 27 years
    old) and attractive donors with proven fertility (every donor has at least one healthy
    child of her own)
     medications needed
     services of the manager in charge of the program
     accommodation
     meals
     transportation
    The program is performed in 3 steps
    1. defining the date for initial consultation and sending the list of required documents:
    o transvaginal ultrasound check results
    o breast ultrasound check results (if you're younger than 50 and never had any
    breast problems) or mammography results (if you're over 50 or had any breast
    problems in the past)
    o chest X-Ray (for both you and your husband/partner)
    o doctor's certificate that you're healthy enough to carry out a baby and that
    pregnancy and hormonal stimulation are not prohibited to you
    o sperm count (if available)
    initial consultation - you and your husband/partner comes to the clinic to undergo the
    required tests (blood tests for both, pap smear, sperm count), the doctor studies
    medical records, performs transvaginal ultrasound check and evaluates your chances to
    successfully accomplish the program and makes the decision whether the program can
    be performed and authorizes the number of attempts. If both, the fertility specialist and
    the embryologist authorizes the program we are allowed to sign the agreements and you
    can make the first payment. Please take into note that we don`t accept credit cards! You
    may pay either in cash or via bank transfer. The doctor explains you the treatment plan
    and we give you the medications needed for your subsequent stimulation protocol. You
    have to follow the doctor`s instructions very strictly. Initial consultation takes 1 full day.
    you're following the treatment plan and make the needed ultrasound checks according
    to the protocol of stimulation and synchronization. When the date of your second visit is
    defined you need to come to Kiev for the embryo transfer. Please be ready to spend
    here up to 7-10 days.
    after the embryo transfer is performed you will be given the protocol to follow and
    medications according to that protocol. Those medications are intended to increase the
    chances to achieve and successfully support pregnancy. In 2 weeks after the embryo
    transfer you need to make the blood test for HCG level in your blood and send the
    results to us. Our obligations are considered to be fulfilled after pregnancy reaches the
    term of 12 weeks.

  3. Neegzistuojantis vartotojas
    2018.09.28 14:49 (prieš 8 mėn.)

    O Lietuvoj nekompensuojami sitie dalykai? Labai brangus malonumas ir dar Ukrainoje?

  4. 2018.09.28 15:04 (prieš 8 mėn.)

    Lietuvoje nesu tikra, kad kompensuoja.
    Nes pagal musu istatymus jie ir taip tik prasta ivf kompensuoja- dali.

  5. 2018.09.28 15:08 (prieš 8 mėn.)

    Praga Medica Čekijoje
    Pridedu kainas ir aprasus
    Thank you for your inquiry about your possible IVF treatment in Prague. My name is Kate, and I am here to answer any questions you might have about the treatment and the process.

    In this email, you will find information about egg donation at our clinic including the costs and possible treatment plan.

    There is no waiting list. Your treatment can start in approx. 2 months after initial consultation with one of our doctors. This time frame depends on your travel needs, how soon you wish to have the initial consultation with our doctor and on the synchronization with your donor.

    Information about donors:
    - The clinic has a large pool of donors
    - Egg donation as any cell donation in the Czech Republic is anonymous
    - All donors are Caucasian, young and healthy women and all of them have undergone genetic testing

    Depending on your specific needs and wishes, the following egg donation packages can be chosen:

    Maximum FET guarantee, 6300 EUR: NEW UNIQUE PROGRAM, SUCCESS RATE 75,7 %
    1. a specific egg donor is prepared for you
    2. Guarantee of at least 3 quality embryos
    3. Guarantee of fresh and frozen embryo transfer
    4. Fresh cycle free of charge in case you should not get pregnant from the previous 2 programs.

    This treatment option is called Maximum FET Guarantee as it maximizes your chances to get pregnant from 2 cycles (fresh and frozen) and it enables matching some of the donor´s characteristics.

    Maximum, 5300 EUR:
    1. a specific egg donor is prepared for you
    2. Guarantee of at least 2 quality embryos for fresh embryo transfer
    3. 50% discount on the fresh cycle should you not get pregnant from the previous 2 programs.

    Optimum, 4300 EUR:
    1. Egg donors in this program are usually shared
    2. Guarantee of at least 1 quality embryo for embryo transfer

    All options include these treatments and services:

    Email or phone evaluation of your medical questionnaire and other records
    Thorough initial consultation with a highly qualified English speaking IVF specialist
    Preparation of the egg donor
    All examinations of the donor, including the genetics
    Stimulation of the egg donor
    Egg collection
    Fertilisation of eggs by ICSI
    Extended cultivation 3 - 5 days
    Embryo transfer
    Sperm freezing and storage for 12 months
    Local representative to help during your whole stay
    The base packages contain everything necessary for an egg donation cycle from the 1st step to the embryo transfer. The doctor might recommend some procedures to increase your chances but the final decision will always be up to you.

    The clinic offers many up-to-date methods such as time-lapse Embryo Monitoring, PICSI, Embryo Glue, Assisted Hatching or Vitrification. Subsequent frozen embryo transfer costs 690 EUR. I can send you a complete price list if you wish, just let me know.

    There is deposit 150 EUR that is paid in advance online (paypal or credit card) to confirm the booking of the first consultation with the doctor where your treatment will be planned. If you come in person for the consultation there is a deposit for the tests 250 EUR or deposit for the donor 1500 EUR. If you would have only skype consultation with the doctor the deposit for the donor 1500 EUR needs to be paid via bank transfer latest 2 months before the embryo transfer. The rest of the treatment is paid when you come for the treatment.

    We can still discuss all the steps together on a call If you would like.

    As for the length of stay, you have two options to choose from:

    1) 2 visits in Prague
    Length of stay: 1-2 days stay for the personal appointment with the doctor plus 4 to 5 days for the treatment
    Simply arrive to Prague for one day, have all necessary examinations and tests done here, see the clinic, meet your doctor, plan your treatment and buy your medication (only pills). Your partner´s sperm will be tested, frozen, stored and used for the fertilization of the donor´s eggs.

    2) Single visit in Prague
    Length of stay: 12 days
    Have the initial consultation done by Skype or phone, arrive for your treatment prior to the donor´s egg collection and reside until the embryo transfer.
    For our patients that cannot travel to Prague for the initial consultation, we can provide referral letters to help arrange the necessary tests, examinations and medication purchase at home.

    • Residence of your partner/husband may be minimized to 1 day.

    Below is a link to our patient´s story and more information about our clinic and services:

    Video Patient Testimonial

    I can help you with transportation in Prague and to find suitable accommodation. I can also book acupuncture for you. To make your stay relaxing and enjoyable, I will be happy to give you some tips on what to see and what to do in Prague.

    All our doctors speak English and I or one of my colleagues from our IVF team will accompany you to your appointments.

    Praga Medica is a leading medical tourism facilitator for Prague. We have excellent knowledge of Czech medical and tourist services. We speak fluent English and understand your concerns about seeking medical care in foreign countries. We are here to help you with your inquiries, to facilitate a contact with a relevant clinic and to provide any information and assistance you may need.

    We have many testimonials from our previous patients - see their reviews here

    NEXT STEP - Online Medical Questionnaire

    The next step for you is to fill out our online medical questionnaire, so we have more information about you and your partner and can give you personalized medical advice.

    Direct link:

    The questionnaire will take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Please do not worry if you did not undergo all the tests and examinations mentioned in the questionnaire, just fill out the medical questionnaire to your best knowledge and we will go from there.

    This is a free evaluation and in no way binding. After you submit the questionnaire, I will have the evaluation for you in one or two work days. Then we can simply set up a phone/Skype call together and discuss further steps to be taken.

    In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Warm regards,


  6. 2018.09.28 15:18 (prieš 8 mėn.)

    Pridedu UNICA klinikos foto su kainom. Jie man atsiunte pastu, tik negaliu nukopijuoti ir ikelti. Todel tikiuosi atidarys foto.

  7. 2018.09.28 15:26 (prieš 8 mėn.)

    Taip pat yra viena is stipriausiu kliniku - IVF RYGA. Kaina pas Fiodona svyruoja nuo 6700eur iki 11000eur ( kas tiksliai ieina pasakyti dar negaliu ) . Bet visada reikia skaiciuoti didesne kaina jei nera daryta era, histeroskopija, vaistu naudojimas ir pan.
    Klinika tikrai yra stipri, gydytoja irgi.
    Kas zino kituose forumuose as rasiau kad ten dariausi 1 ivf ir 1 fet kurio metu pirma kart buvo kibimas tik zirnis pabego.
    Dabar mes ruosemes ten konsultacijai del donoriniu kiausialasciu.
    Daugiau info gali pasakyti merginos kurios pagal savo situacija daresi ivf rygoje.
    O as papasakoti galesiu 17 arba 18d.

  8. 2018.09.28 16:22 (prieš 8 mėn.)

    onnellisuus parašė:
    Taip pat yra viena is stipriausiu kliniku - IVF RYGA. Kaina pas Fiodona svyruoja nuo 6700eur iki 11000eur ( kas tiksliai ieina pasakyti dar negaliu ) . Bet visada r…

    lauksim ziniu.

  9. 2018.09.29 16:55 (prieš 8 mėn.)

    Atrase is Santaros vaisingumo centro del donoro. Prisegu foto

  10. 2018.09.29 17:12 (prieš 8 mėn.)

    onnellisuus parašė:
    Atrase is Santaros vaisingumo centro del donoro. Prisegu foto

    Įdomu kokia kaina to atsisiuntimo 🤔

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